Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Music Artists & Label Owners: $20 Music Mastering!

Artist Stimulus Special
(Normally $35)
  • 24 hr mastering rush service, add $10 per recording.
  • Alternate versions (radio edit, extended, etc.) "with same master settings" $10 per each additional recording. 
  • Typical Turn Around Time is 3-5 days.
  • Two free revisions per recording, $5 per additional revision.
  • Finished master will be delivered in WAV format via internet. 
  • All formats of music including but not limited to dance, rock, country, classical, rhythm n blues, and spoken word.
  • Free consul​tation via email or phone. 
  • Need mixing and/or production? Call or email for pricing.

GET STARTED NOW: Email or Call (602) 370-2908
Open 24/7. We never close. Seriously.

Check out our Mastering Samples:

Friday, May 22, 2015


We are proud to offer professional music mastering services. We are able to master any genre of music including dance, rock, rap, and country. Furthermore, we can master non-music audio such as spoken word and field recordings. Because we are a locally owned, small business, we are able to offer services with great savings.

Pricing: $35 for the first song / $30 for additional songs
(Regular Price $40 for the first track / $35 for additional songs)

Email or Call: 602-370-2908

Monday, January 26, 2015

Social Media: You're Doing It Wrong

Social media has become critical in the business world. Businesses world wide have flocked to the web to setup their Facebook Page, Twitter account, and Instagram profiles. However, most businesses are doing it wrong. In the past, marketing was a "set and forget" strategy. To understand how social media works, you have to understand why social media has taken the lead for advertising in some markets. The rise of social media is due, in great part, to the decline of the non-interactive print media format. It isn't really possible to update print media. For example, if an advertisement in a magazine gets printed with a typo, that typo will always be in those printed issues. Social media enables information to be published quickly and easily. This is great news for small businesses because you don't need a million dollar budget to get your company's message "out there". Below are 3 things you can do right now to improve your social media strategy.

Many small businesses setup up their social media profiles with great intentions, but stop updating it after about a month. This is one of the worst things you can do! Potential customers see an inactive Twitter account as an inactive company. Your company should be posting something at least once a week, even if it's something simple.

Talk To Your Followers
Social media is more than asking people to buy your stuff... Social media is actually social (see what I did there?). It's important to post more than just your latest products. Sometimes asking a question is a great way to get potential customers involved and take interest in your company. Holidays are also a great time to send a friendly message.

Sponsor Posts Carefully
With so much competition, social media marketing is fast paced and fierce. Most social sites offer the ability to promote or sponsor a post. Research who your customers are and what platform they prefer. This is where you should spend SOME of your marketing dollars.

Social media is always evolving, but these basic tips should give you a good start!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer Website Sale

Summer sure is hot here in Phoenix, Az. But that doesn't mean your business should suffer! We offer affordable and professional website and graphic design services to businesses and individuals.

Check out our sale pricing below:

Our "Splash Page" package will get you online for the lowest cost. This package will give your project a homepage allowing users to gain information quickly, contact you and connect with you socially.
Price: $129 (Regular price $199)

Our "Starter Site" package will get you online quickly and inexpensively. This package gives your project a full website allowing users to gain information quickly, contact you and connect with you socially.
Price: $299 (Regular price $399)

Our "Starter Site PRO" package will get you online with a unique identity for a low price. This package gives your project a full website allowing users to gain information quickly, contact you and connect with you socially. Make a lasting impact on potential clients with a unique website.
Price: $499 (Regular price $799)

We have other promotions for graphic design, custom sites, Wordpress, and music mastering as well. Please call for more info and ask about our summer sale.

Learn more about us at our website!
Call (602) 370-2908

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What is a Record Producer?

Record Producer Giorgio Moroder produced many artists
including Donna Summers & Kenny Logins, in addition
to scoring music for films and the Olympics.
Today, musicians and artists often fill many roles when it comes to making music. This can include writing music, recording, production, marketing, cover art, and more. Some of these roles can be filled by a record producer.

But what is a record producer? What exactly is "producing" music?

For some projects, it can be as simple as a 4 track tape recorder or even a single laptop. Hobbyists have done this for ages, and it is certainly effective for capturing your ideas and even making a simple demo (a song sketch). However, if you would like to make music on a professional level, often more effort is required.

Michael Jackson in studio with producer
Quincy Jones and Engineer Bruce Swedien
In the classic sense, a record producer creatively guides the artist in reaching a final, commercially releasable recording. This can include booking studio time, advising on song writing and arrangement, and making creative decisions. Over the last decade, the role of a record producer has, in many cases, also absorbed the job of a recording engineer. To help distinguish these roles, think of a record producer as a movie director, the guy who makes judgement calls and advises on performances. Meanwhile, the engineer is like the camera man, which requires technical knowledge of equipment and how to use it. Because technology has really made recording easier and also the increase of "bedroom producers" much of this is handled by the record producer. With a high quality computer and some choice gear, a competent record can be made. However, there is a classic saying in the music business which is that "a
Pharrell Williams in studio with
Daft Punk who also produced
Kanye West and all their own music.
good engineer doesn't always make a good producer

Rick Rubin has produced various artists
including Jay Z, The Beastie Boys,
Johnny Cash, and Neil Diamond. 
At Mercurius Creative, LLC we like to mesh the technical side of music production seamlessly into the art that is music itself. What this offers the artist is not only a great sounding song but also a great song. Song writing and recording is a personal process, and as artists ourselves, we get it. We want to make your music the best it can be. Using a blend of cutting edge computer software and classic analog gear, we can bring a unique and deep texture to your music. Our specialties include electronic music, dance music, and hip hop, however we are very open minded music fans and have also worked on rock, country, and jazz.

If you're looking to take your songs from an idea to a professional recording, check out our website for more info. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Music Mastering: What is it?

Mercurius Creative is a diverse company. We offer web and visual services in 1 half of our company and the other half offers studio audio production services. A commonly needed service is music mastering. However, for most musicians this final and critical step is often misunderstood. To worsen things, it's often either not done at all or done by an amateur which causes the final product to suffer. The last thing any musician wants to do is sound bad.

Mastering is the final chapter in the process of recording a song or album. It takes the work of the musicians, the recording engineer, and the producer; and makes it all sound it's best. The best way to describe it is the "icing" on the cake. Mastering adjusts the song's volume and tone to sound appropriate when played along with other similar music. This is critical for songs that will be played in clubs by DJs and on the radio. Obviously, you do not want your song to sound too quiet, or dull. Furthermore, it is also important for making an album. When you have multiple songs in a collection or album, volume between songs can often fluctuate. This issue becomes exacerbated when multiple studios and producers have worked on a record. Mastering essentially levels all those songs to offer an enjoyable listening experience.

With a properly mastered song, your music will sound good on a variety of speakers, whether it is an iPhone, $20 ear buds or the most expensive hi-fi systems. To accomplish this, we use high end audio processors, a tuned room, flat monitors and an engineer with a keen ear.

For our current mastering prices, please visit our website.
We also offer a free consultation.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

What type of customer support do you want for your website?

More often than not, we see commercials for cut rate and even free websites on TV. These deals offer a seemingly expansive web design package for little to no money upfront. They tout their 24/7 customer service and more. Sounds great right? But the old saying, "You get what you pay for" rings true, especially with web developers.

Have you ever tried calling these website companies? Whether it's the Super Bowl commercial stars, GoDaddy... or the free website builders at Web.com... These major corporations attempt to offer personalized service, but it's often not the case. Logistically, it's impossible to train thousands of employees to care and empathize for you and your business. And we haven't even gotten to being technically qualified to fix your issue.

The evidence is all over the internet, where vocal customers express their dissatisfaction with the customer service of major corporations.

"Slow or NO site and bad customer service!" via GoDaddy support forum.

A simple look at the reviews on Google for GoDaddy reveal a steady stream of dissatisfied customers highlighting issues ranging from service quality to customer service.

RipOffReport.com has a lot to say about GoDaddy also... Even their competitors like Network Solutions have their own problems. Yes, even Web.com. Wow, check out the vicious reviews for 1and1 on Yelp.

If you're looking for personalized customer support, then a big corporation may seem appealing. However, be advised that the risk of becoming "just another customer" is always there. At Mercurius Creative, LLC we offer prompt customer support via phone and email. You will always be speaking to a web designer and graphic designer who, not only is qualified to answer your questions, but also has a vested interest in your business. As a small business, we cannot afford to lose a "small percentage" of customers. We treat each customer like the most important customer... not a statistic!

About Mercurius Creative, LLC:
Mercurius Creative, LLC specializes in graphic arts, web design, and studio audio. We are based in Phoenix, Arizona, with international reach and vision. As a design company we work with various concepts combined with real world sensibility in order to produce unique, quality results. This applies to company logos, single pieces of artwork, websites, and more. We find that most ideas are possible in one way or another. The key is making sure you execute the idea correctly with the appropriate resources. Between our 10+ years of experience and our creativity, we always find a way to make our clients' visions come true.