Saturday, February 9, 2013

New Website for 2013

We've redesigned our website and added some additional services we provide. This is the first phase of our new company vision. Going forward our goal is to produce more content to show potential customers and fans. We are also going to be taking part in more online communities.

Currently, we offer the following services...

Web Design & Development
Wordpress Development
Joomla Development
Freelance Website Updates
Search Engine Optimization
PPC Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Logo Design
Business Identity
Business Card Design
Photo Enhancment
Character Design
Fine Art
General Graphics

Audio & Music Mixing
Audio & Music Mastering
Music Production
Song Writing
Synthesizer Session Musician

Check out our new website and feel free to contact us! 

About Mercurius Creative, LLC:
Mercurius Creative, LLC specializes in graphic arts, web design, and studio audio. We are based in Phoenix, Arizona, with international reach and vision. As a design company we work with various concepts combined with real world sensibility in order to produce unique, quality results. This applies to company logos, single pieces of artwork, websites, and more. We find that most ideas are possible in one way or another. The key is making sure you execute the idea correctly with the appropriate resources. Between our 10+ years of experience and our creativity, we always find a way to make our clients' visions come true.