Sunday, March 17, 2013

Logo Design Disaster Recovery

A common situation for small businesses is hiring a graphic designer for a company logo. A logical and critical step for defining your company identity. The logo gets put into your website and years go by. Eventually, you need a new website; or maybe, you want to get some new business cards made. You call the designer and tell them that your logo is on your website. They respond by asking for a high quality copy of your logo, preferably in 300 DPI (common print resolution). Sounds familiar?

Mercurius Creative, LLC specializes in graphic design, including logos and company identity. We can take a company logo and restore it, even from a low quality web site image and make it print ready. Ready to be used for any form of marketing.

Check out this logo design restoration we made for a customer of ours...
Logo design restoration graphic designer

Notice how the top image is from the customer's old website. It's dark and lacking clarity due to image compression for the website. The second image shows you the first step in our process, which takes the logo design down to it's basics. Then, the final step smooths the logo out and makes it into a vector file usable in Illustrator and Corel Draw (commonly used by graphic designers and print shops). Because of this special format, the logo now has an infinite resolution and can be recolored and modified in any number of ways.

About Mercurius Creative, LLC:
Mercurius Creative, LLC specializes in graphic arts, web design, and studio audio. We are based in Phoenix, Arizona, with international reach and vision. As a design company we work with various concepts combined with real world sensibility in order to produce unique, quality results. This applies to company logos, single pieces of artwork, websites, and more. We find that most ideas are possible in one way or another. The key is making sure you execute the idea correctly with the appropriate resources. Between our 10+ years of experience and our creativity, we always find a way to make our clients' visions come true.