Monday, November 21, 2011

Logos & Seals

This is the graphic that defines who your project is. It is the identity of your company or event. This can often make or break if potential customers perceive you as a legitimate operation. If you want your project to be recognized, then you need a professionally designed logo.

Who is this service for?

  • Small & large businesses, Bands, DJ's, public figures, clubs, consumer products and more.

Why choose Mercurius Creative, LLC for your logo?

  • You will have an original logo that tells people your company or project is unique.
  • Customers will remember your company identity through your logo.
  • People will be attracted to your company by having an interesting, professionally designed logo.

How does this all work?

  • Tell us the type of image you want for your project. We have a specially designed "Creative" questionnaire to help us learn exactly what you want.
  • Show us some example designs so that we have a reference of what you want.
  • We will create 3 different designs based on your choices. Then you pick the one you like best and we'll make 2 revisions of it leading to the final product.
  • Your logo will be completed and sent you to once completed. You will get the logo in high resolution print format, web format and black and white format.

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