Thursday, July 25, 2013

What type of customer support do you want for your website?

More often than not, we see commercials for cut rate and even free websites on TV. These deals offer a seemingly expansive web design package for little to no money upfront. They tout their 24/7 customer service and more. Sounds great right? But the old saying, "You get what you pay for" rings true, especially with web developers.

Have you ever tried calling these website companies? Whether it's the Super Bowl commercial stars, GoDaddy... or the free website builders at These major corporations attempt to offer personalized service, but it's often not the case. Logistically, it's impossible to train thousands of employees to care and empathize for you and your business. And we haven't even gotten to being technically qualified to fix your issue.

The evidence is all over the internet, where vocal customers express their dissatisfaction with the customer service of major corporations.

"Slow or NO site and bad customer service!" via GoDaddy support forum.

A simple look at the reviews on Google for GoDaddy reveal a steady stream of dissatisfied customers highlighting issues ranging from service quality to customer service. has a lot to say about GoDaddy also... Even their competitors like Network Solutions have their own problems. Yes, even Wow, check out the vicious reviews for 1and1 on Yelp.

If you're looking for personalized customer support, then a big corporation may seem appealing. However, be advised that the risk of becoming "just another customer" is always there. At Mercurius Creative, LLC we offer prompt customer support via phone and email. You will always be speaking to a web designer and graphic designer who, not only is qualified to answer your questions, but also has a vested interest in your business. As a small business, we cannot afford to lose a "small percentage" of customers. We treat each customer like the most important customer... not a statistic!

About Mercurius Creative, LLC:
Mercurius Creative, LLC specializes in graphic arts, web design, and studio audio. We are based in Phoenix, Arizona, with international reach and vision. As a design company we work with various concepts combined with real world sensibility in order to produce unique, quality results. This applies to company logos, single pieces of artwork, websites, and more. We find that most ideas are possible in one way or another. The key is making sure you execute the idea correctly with the appropriate resources. Between our 10+ years of experience and our creativity, we always find a way to make our clients' visions come true.

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